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US Army 1912 Pattern Jacket

Article about: Hello all, I just got this as and another jacket as an early birthday gift and am really excited to finally get a US Army WW1 uniform (well part of one). Overall I'd say its in good conditio

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    I too missed this one..

    Great to see a non combat arms related Chevron (Mess Sergeant) and his story..

    Would make for an interesting story in the US Army NCO Museum where we like to show diversity and discuss the jobs and careers of all different types of NCOs from combat NCOs to Cooks..

    Well done of the research.. A fine uniform and cudos again to Lance for providing more in-depth information...

    Best regards all


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    Thank you for the extra information Lance! That article gave even greater insight to his war time experience, I'm also amazed you were able to find his death certificate. I really appreciate your archive help with both this uniform and with finding Lt. Helvern from my model 5 post, I remember you stated on that post to consider making a donation to forum which I've now done. Honestly I didn't expect to find anything about the past owner of this uniform since there wasn't a name on it. It was interesting to piece the story together as I didn't know a lot about Mess Sergeants or engineer regiments before and what their service looked like in the Great War.

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