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WW1 British officers uniform need help

Article about: I recently picked up the WW1 British Officers tunic that according to the lapel insignia and shoulder epaulettes, belonged to a Captain of the British Army Royal Fusiliers and may have been

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    The date looks like Aug. 1918?

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    Insightful Marty. I hope all is well.

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    Quote by Obal7 View Post
    The date looks like Aug. 1918?
    that would be great and give us an early date for a sd tunic without either waistband or change pocket of aug 1918, which it certainly does look 1918, can't clearly see aug, but still earlier than I would expect


    Whatever its just an opinion.

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    Thanks Jerry. Yes, I see the 1918. And can see - - “g”. So I assume it is August.
    Now we can wait , hopefully, to see if Dede and Skinner has found out something, and gets back to me with a name or other info.
    I will keep you informed.

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    Quote by Obal7 View Post
    As far as signs of medal ribbons, in my last photo, the threads are left on the inside the coat where a sewn ribbon bar was removed.
    Noted. Sorry my mistake I didn't perceive those threads correctly and not looking closely enough just took them as another image of those in the earlier picture proposed as a number.

    I too lean towards the interbellum. I don't imagine too many who were already serving during hostilities were having SD tailored in London


    "War is an ugly thing, but not the ugliest of things. A man who has nothing for which he is willing to fight, nothing he cares more about than his own personal safety, is a miserable creature with no chance of being free unless made and kept so by the exertions of better men than himself."

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    No problem. Thanks for you interest and your thoughts!

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    Apologies for being somewhat late to the discussion but I have only just joined the forum. I have recently been researching WW1 British officer tunics as I am putting together a uniform display so this thread caught my eye. Assuming you have not yet heard definitively from Dege & Skinner, here are a few thoughts. Firstly, I would look into when J Dege was trading from the 16 Clifford Street address on the label (I have asked Dege, if I hear back I will add to the thread). I have to say though that I suspect that this will reinforce the developing consensus that this is a post-WW1 (but pre-1953, from the collar badge) tunic. I say this because my limited researches indicate that J Dege began trading at 13, Conduit Street in 1865 and was still there in 1907, 1923 and 1935 - so unless they moved to Clifford Street in WW1, I would put the tunic after the latter date. The presence of a postcode (the '1' in W1) would indicate 1917-on in any case. Secondly I would look into the Royal Fusilier/Territorial combination further. I say this because there were no RF Territorial battalions in WW1 (instead certain battalions of the London Regiment were affiliated with the Royal Fusiliers), but there were at least four in WW2. I also have a question as to whether the 'T' shoulder title is original to the tunic as to me it looks as if it is fitted over where a two-lug ('RF'?) shoulder title would have gone. Without suggesting that this is definitive, in WW1 practice I only recall seeing 'T' titles on collars, rather than shoulder straps.

    In terms of other observations, I doubt if the label number(s) will help identify the owner other than through Dege's books since officers' numbers were only used for internal War Office purposes. The stitched-in number in yellow is of a type with laundry numbers used by cleaners to mark and identify items passing through their hands (you find them in red on vintage linen for example). As to the leather 'football' buttons they were a permissible alternative to regimental or general service buttons and quite popular in WW1. I hope that some of this is helpful. Best wishes, Anthony

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    Thanks “M”. Some very good insight, and seems I have my work cut out.
    Do you think that this Tunic, could have also been used in WW2?
    I have reached out to Dege twice. No reply. But if you hear something, yes, please let me know.
    Yes, I realize that possibly some of this was put together.
    Thanks again!
    And “Better late than never”.

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    My pleasure; will happily share anything further I find. As to whether the tunic was used in WW2, I suspect yes - not I would think in combat, as that is what battledress was for, but very likely in other non-combat duties (I say duties as the choice of leather buttons makes me think that this was a working tunic, rather than a best one, although that is just speculation on my part). Do the buttons look original to the tunic, looking at the thread by which they are attached, etc?

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    Nice bit of analysis Anthony.

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