Hi, my names Marc Ward, and I'm part of an independent film-making team based in Norfolk, and we are looking to tap your extensive knowledge and resources for a short film, currently in pre production.

The film centres around a lone WW1 soldier/tommy and we are looking to shoot in and around Norfolk/Cambridgeshire and London in the upcoming months.

Being an independent film, the budget is extremely low. So we're looking for as much kind help and assistance as possible.

The loan of :
1 WW1 tommy/soldiers uniform (full kit, inc helmet. No guns needed).
Period photographs and postcards (soldier portraits, family shots and ordinary life etc).
2 Bayonets/Swords, 1 Combat Knife and a few Hand Grenades.
And of course, period expertise on anything WW1 related.

Although we have a limited budget, we will be shooting this on 16mm film, through a 'real' film camera and the piece will have extremely high production values for a short film.

So if you'd like to be part of this venture, with credits on the finished film, then we would kindly appreciate any help you can offer us.

Please respond via private messages or email wardfilms@googlemail.com

Marc Ward.