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My Flying Helmet Collection

Article about: Hey guys i thought i would post some of my flying Helmets for you First up is a early B Typre Next is a Type C with G type oxygen radio mask This is a Chinese Mig 15 Pilots Helmet A G Type c

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    After doing some more research I was able to answer some of my own question: looks like these visors are meant to have one knob that you switch sides for depending on preference, the Velcro is for the NVG batteries, and the 2003 might be the next inspection date.

    I would certainly like a Vietnam era flight helmet but I can’t imagine what those must cost, especially for one that has a name or a custom paint job. I am sure the WWI / WWII flight helmets must be pretty out there price wise as well. But I barely have enough space for this one let alone more.

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    Hey Latt my GENTEX HGU-ZA/P, at the start of this thread cost me over $900 Aussie Dollars and that was about 10 years ago but it has all working gear on it. This helmet was origanly going for $1800.

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