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Anyone ever buy from the dealer 'Enemy Militaria'?

Article about: Anyone ever buy from the dealer 'Enemy Militaria'? Bought something from them 3 weeks ago with no updates. I have sent them numerous emails and facebook messages trying to get ahold of them

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    Still no updates on the shipping, and I have not received a response.

    Only shows a label created.

    It's a bit odd though. They are located in Glenview, IL 60025, but the shipping label shows Twin Lakes, WI 53181.

    It's only an hour trip between them, but it's a bit odd.

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    Still nothing at this time, but I'm starting to think their website might be a scam.

    They just started a 40% off everything 'Summer Sale'.

    That's quite a sale and if they actually shipped my item within a reasonable time frame after it was ordered back in July, I'd be inclinced to buy a couple more things.

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    They finally shipped it yesterday September 3.

    Supposed to arrive in a few days.

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    anyone else bought from this site?

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    I've had the same very poor service especially over the past year or so. They have recently changed their payment options which I would not be comfortable with paying money order or check and then no recourse if you don't receive your goods... I did get partial $$ back from my CC company when they only shipped part of my order then kept promising they were shipping the remainder - then went totally silent.. Caveat Emptor!

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    Did you ever receive the item? I am waiting for mine to ship, which was promised two days ago.

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