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Helmet stands - How are you displaying your helmets?

Article about: Hi all, I wanted to get an idea of what others are doing to display their helmets. Originally, mine just sat on shelves and it really did not do them justice. I was looking into getting mann

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    Hi René,

    Yep, those are M63's. I remember my dad telling me they used to just wear the inners when they were on camp duty or marching about in formation when a visiting kommandant was around. Much more pleasant to wear the light plastic inner shell, and they looked similar enough to the steel outer that for presentation purposes it was fine.

    They were referred to as staaldak in Afrikaans, which translates to steel roof. They phased them out in the 80's for the m87. Which is essentially a Kevlar composite type job, much like many other modern helmets. I have one, so will post a pic of it when I get a chance.

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    Vintage Bottles work quite well i have found 4444444444444.jpg
    Regards James

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    My best helmets stands on glass and brass pipe mounted on perforated stell plate.

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    After trying shelves, poles, brackets etc I designed and built my own "Helmet Tree" - this free-standing (well 4 screws) structure is ideal for middle-room installations (well, you've probably milked every bit of wall space available by now). My structure allows 360 degree views and access, lets the light pass through, straps hang down etc etc and can, depending on the helmets, really increase display space (one can hold nearly 60 MkIIs). It requires a bit of woodwork (or a friendly carpenter if you don't feel up to it). Here's a pic of it just after completion and pre-installation.


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