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Japanese WWII NCO Gunto - or a fake ?

Article about: I recently got my hands on what I beleive to be an original Japanese WWII NCO Shin-Gunto but other than that, I am pretty lost, japanese swords being very far from my field of expertise, so

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    That would explain it. So the NCO 95's are merely supposed to be stamped on the fuchi and then have - ideally matching - serial numbers on the blade and the koiguchi.

    I am somewhat surprised at how well the Type 98 scabbard fits the sword, ignoring the lack of koiguchi and the split wooden insert, it is like it was made for the NCO sword, the 2 shapes of blades must be virtually identical.

    While I have literally scores of swords and even more knives, this is my first antique historical sword, and learning about it is really fun. Damn, now I kind of want another......

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    There were military standards that these blades were to remain within parameters, but enough room for variation. It's not surprising to find a mismatched saya and blade to fit, though some trial and error would be involved. I have 8 Type 95s and have experimented mixing the saya. Some fit, others don't, even with 95s which are much more standardized than officer blades.

    Oh, and my collection started with just one!
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