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    NCO WO II Katana - In need of knowledge and opinion

    Hello everybody my name is Maurice from The Netherlands, nice to able to reach out to this forum with knowledge and experts.
    The day before yesterday,

    05-25-2024, 09:23 AM

    Need help figuring out what military these uniforms are from

    Hello! I'm trying to find out what uniforms my relatives are wearing in these photos. They are mostly from 1919. They are from Czechoslovakia/Hungary.

    05-25-2024, 08:59 AM

    Adler Militaria

    Hey guys,

    I was trying to get onto Adlermilitaria but it seems he was hacked or? Unless I'm the one with something wrong on my end, but

    05-25-2024, 03:14 AM

    Luftwaffe Sword

    Hi all,
    please some opinions on this Sword.
    right now i only have these humble pics.
    Regards Gerd

    05-25-2024, 06:34 AM

    Ashtray WH

    Hello collectors!
    I like to find out as much information as I can about the things I have in my collection.
    One of the newest additions.

    05-25-2024, 09:31 AM

    NSDAP Deutschland Erwache 1933

    IMO a replica, what is your opinion?

    05-25-2024, 09:15 AM
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