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Article about: Hi Guys Would really appreciate any translation of this doc please From Am 27.2.43----------I'm Auftrage Thanks awfully Fraser

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    Hi Guys
    Would really appreciate any translation of this doc please
    From Am 27.2.43----------Im Auftrage
    Thanks awfully
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    Don't have time at the moment but...
    It's a Sicherheitspolizei Report about a Narc and his information to so with a ZWZ (Polish resistance) member's whereabouts.

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    Hi, thanks , I understand that, it's more word for word I need please..
    Appreciate your input

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    To the Commander of the Security Police and SD for the district of Radom IV A, for the attention of SS Obersturmbannfuhrer Liphard in Radom

    Subject: Polish resistance movement; Polish resistance organization 'ZWZ'
    Process: My reports of ....
    Attachments: without

    On February 27, 1943, a V person reported that the city commandant of the secret organization 'ZWZ', who had fled since the arrest, was in his apartment. It is about the former Polish officer Piotr Saltarski, born November 23, 1895 in Kocina, municipality of Czarkowa, district of Pinczow, residing in Petrikau, Krauterstrasse 18.

    The second Part follows later!

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    Absolutely brilliant mate..
    Your a Star...
    You think Piotr Saltarski is the commandant of ZWZ mentioned ?? As he was sent to Auschwitz just after, then Mauthausen.. many many thanks

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    Here is the second part:

    Saltarski was a German prisoner of war until 1940 and was released because of lung disease. Immediately after his release from captivity, he made himself available to the Polish resistance movement 'ZWZ' and was finally the town commander of Petrikau. He was arrested on February 27, 1943 together with his wife Helena, née Chinimicga, and is being held in the department's house prison.
    After the interrogations have been carried out, both are transferred to a concentration camp on the next collective transport. ND sheet is already there. Receipt of acceptance with index cards was also handed over. Commissioned by: Signature

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    I cannot thank you enough Sir..

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    Quote by fritztk View Post
    I cannot thank you enough Sir..
    You're Welcome!

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    I'd like to say a MASSIVE thanks to Carl for helping me regarding this research ..he started the ball rolling for sure..cheers

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