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Polish ring 1940

Article about: Hi guys; A friend of mine, found this ring while he was searching with a metal detector in Nottinghamshire/ England... It is 1940 dated (19 on one side and 40 on the other) and in the front

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    Hello Odcecki,

    I have searched the Polish Army Records and the index of victims of soviet repression all without any joy in finding your Grandfather listed, therefore I would suggest that you apply to the British Ministry of Defence to obtain copies of all records that they hold (be sure to request copies of all records that they hold, otherwise you will just receive either a 1 or 2 page letter out lining his service and personal details).

    Unfortunately they do charge for this service now, just click on the link below :

    Get a copy of military service records: Apply for the records of someone who's deceased - GOV.UK

    Once again Welcome and best wishes for your search


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    Hello there Odcecki!

    My great-grandfather Gajewski Walerian also served in 3KPAPL(3 PAPlot).

    According to information from 3 Karpacki Pułk Artylerii Przeciwlotniczej Lekkiej, 1942-1947 ZSSR, Persja, Irak, Palestyna, Syria, Liban, Libia, Egipt, Włochy Anglia Mieczysław Kuczyński (1995) book
    your grandfather was a Hero and awarded by Brązowy Krzyż Zasługi z Mieczami.

    Polish ring 1940

    Description and photo of this award bellow:

    Krzyż Zasługi z Mieczami – Wikipedia, wolna encyklopedia

    Link for the Dekret Prezydenta Rzeczypospolitej z dnia 19 października 1942 r.(official description of this award):

    Dekret Prezydenta Rzeczypospolitej z dnia 19 pazdziernika 1942 r. o zmianie ustawy z dnia 23 czerwca 1923 r. o ustanowieniu „Krzy|a ZasBugi”

    Also check him in the list of soldiers 3KPAPL from above book page 106:

    Polish ring 1940

    I have posted previously the download link to this book, if you need a copy please follow to my post #3973 in Monte Cassino group or check the link below:

    Monte Cassino cross


    Also want to provide for you some family group photos of my great-grand father, may be you can find your ancestor on it.

    Download link to the photo from the truck:

    Download link to the photo from the 593 Hill:

    Also want to ask you, may be is it also possible to provide some group photos of your grandfather?

    Regards, Valerii
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    Thank you so much, both Andrzej and Valerii! I never imagined to get so much information and support! I am incredibly appreciative.

    I was able to get a photo of my grandfather's medals. I recognize the 2nd one as the "Cross of Combat Action of the Polish Armed Forces in the West" from Valerii's post.
    I like the word "hero"... do you know anything more about why he was awarded this medal, or what he did to deserve it?

    Unfortunately my father never taught me to speak Polish, so I apologize if you have already shared information in Polish that answers my question. I am using translator when I can, but I still have some difficulty understanding some of the information, I wish I could!

    Andrzej said that Jozef was not on the list of recipients of the Monte Cassino Cross but I think the 3rd medal in my photo is the Monte Cassino cross?

    I have no idea what his other medals are or why he got them. Is it possible you can help me identify them?

    Thank you so much for all your help!!
    Thank you, thank you,

    OdceckiPolish ring 1940

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    Hello there Odcecki!

    Sorry for some links in Polish, it is an English forum & you are right for sure.
    It's my fault, sorry for that, but in a most part of cases the original documents in Polish
    include more information, than alternative links in English.
    You can try for example to check something in Wikipedia both in Polish & English
    & you will find that in most part of cases Polish versions of the same material include a little bit more info.

    I began interesting about the History of the 2nd Polish Corps from the Maj of this year.
    When I found this forum, first goal for me was get more information about my ancestor,
    & restore his awards, which was missed or stolen many years ago.

    During my a half year research I understood that this forum much more interesting for me than only a history of my family. The research process always push me forward & expands the horizons of knowledge & than more you learn than better begins understand more clearly that you should take this information for something else who wants to know his own story too.

    Ordinary I speak only in English & Russian, Polish are not available for me at the moment)
    But I can honestly say that research process help me to understand & translate the Polish much better
    then it was more than half year ago.

    According to your question, on your grandfather's photo awards (first three a Polish awards, next four British) we can see the next one information:

    1. Bronze Cross of Merit with Swords (Polish award of II Rzeczpospolita Polska or {II RP})

    Polish ring 1940

    As you can see from my previous post, The Cross of Merit with Swords is awarded for deeds of bravery and valor during time of war not connected with direct combat, and for merit demonstrated in perilous circumstances. I advise you to start your research process in MOD, may be in his personal military book (Zeszyt ewidencyjny) you can find a full information about his act of bravery.
    Also you should ask the other members on this forum, does the list of recipients (Cross of Merit with Swords) include kind of award sheet with a description of the act? May be someone have the copy of this list & can provide a little bit more information for you.

    2. Cross of Combat Action of the Polish Armed Forces in the West (Polish post war award of III Rzeczpospolita {III RP})

    Polish ring 1940
    Polish ring 1940

    The military cross of the Polish armed forces in the West(Krzyz Czynu Bojowego Polskich Sil Zbrojnych na zachodzie) was instituted by the Polish Parliament on May 17th 1989. It was to award the soldiers of the Polish Forces that fought together with the Western Allies, against the Germans.

    The cross has the form of a Maltese Cross with its arms styled in a "V" for "Victory" form. The decoration is made of oxidized metal under a silver layer.
    The front bears in its central part the image of the crowned eagle with a panel of the Amazon in its claws, the emblem of the Polish armed forces.
    On the obverse, the inscription: "1939-POLSKIE-SILY ZBROJNE-NA ZACHODZIE-1945" (Polish Armed Forces in the West) can be found in five lines. Each campaign, in which the Polish armed forces in the West participated, is designated by silver bar on the ribbon, with the geographical names

    Also if you want to get the official confirmation that your grandfather was awarded by this medal from the Polish Goverment, you can contact via email for the Kancelaria Prezydenta Rzeczypospolitej Polskiej (Biuro Odznaczeń i Nominacji; Archiwum Prezydenta Rzeczypospolitej Polskiej) to the following email address:


    3. Monte Cassino Cross (Polish award of II RP)

    Polish ring 1940
    Polish ring 1940

    According to the Act of establishing The Monte Cassino Memorial Cross in July 26, 1944, Ref. No. 3504/Pers/44 it was published in order to commemorate the deeds of the Polish army, carried out by soldiers of the 2nd Corps on Italian soil, crowned with the capture of Monte Cassino.

    Description of the Cross:

    - The cross, the shape of the cross of St. Benedict, steel, burnished.
    On the Cross, the inscription: "MONTE CASSINO MAJ 1944".
    The cross is hung on a terracotta-blue ribbon. (like the colors of the Benedictines).
    -The Monte Cassino Cross is a commemorative badge of soldiers of the 2nd Corps and cannot be awarded as an honorary badge. It is worn in sequence after combat decorations and state orders.

    The persons entitled to receive the Monte Cassino Cross are:

    - All soldiers of the 2nd Corps who took an active part in the battles of the 2nd Corps for Monte Cassino, Piedimonte, Passo Corno, in the period from May 12, 1944 to May 31, 1944,
    - All soldiers of the 2nd Corps wounded on the battlefield in the period from April 27, 1944 to May 11, 1944. As wounded on the battlefield, one should also consider those wounded as a result of aviation activities,
    - Personnel of the 1st, 161 (former 2nd) and 3rd war hospitals, active in the above-mentioned war hospitals in the period between May 12, 1944 and May 31, 1944,
    - As a posthumous decoration, the Monte Cassino Cross should be awarded to all soldiers of the 2nd Corps who died in the field of glory and died as a result of wounds sustained on the battlefield between April 27, 1944 and May 31, 1944.

    As you can see the backward part of the Monte Cassino (MCC) cross include a personal number.
    It will be great if it possible from your side to post a photo of it.
    After that the Andrzej can help you to find information about your grandfather in the list of recipients The MCC & we finally can understand why he was absent at the first look.
    Also it will be great, if you can post photo of his identification card (Legitymacja) to this cross. (example attached)

    Polish ring 1940

    Regards, Valerii

    P.s. please click on any image if you want to zoom it.
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    4. The last four awards are British. If you want the official approve, only MOD can provide it for you with their reply:

    British 1939-1945 Star
    Polish ring 1940

    British Italy Star
    Polish ring 1940

    British 1939-1945 Defence Medal
    Polish ring 1940

    British 1939-1945 War Medal
    Polish ring 1940

    This set of British awards was ordinary for your & mine grandfathers, who was the soldiers of 2nd Polish Corps & take part in Italian Campaign.
    P.s. Concept of this medals was approved personal by The King of the United Kingdom - George VI, who was a nephew of Russian Last Emperor - Nicholas II (Romanov Nikolai Alexandrovich)

    Polish ring 1940

    I have attached for you download link for the document(SUMMARY OF THE CONDITIONS OF AWARD OF THE CAMPAIGN STARS, THE DEFENCE MEDAL AND THE WAR MEDAL), which include full description of each award - Whom it should be awarded, for what for, what the meaning of it & etc.


    Also I advise you continue this discussion inside the Monte Cassino cross group, which have much more participants unlike this topic.
    I think you have a little bit more chances for additional info about your grandfather there.

    And the last one)
    Yesterday found interesting link about the military way of 2 Coprs from USSR to beginning of Italy Campaign (Please use Google translate).
    Post for your observe:

    kalendarium 2 Korpusu Polskiego

    Regards, Valerii
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    Hello Odcecki,

    Many thanks for your post you have shown the obverse of the Mounted Group of Medals, in which you are missing the Army Medal, which should be between the BKZzM and the MCC with the Military Cross for the Polish Forces in the west the last Polish Award. It would clarify matters if you could tell me the Number on the reverse of the Monte Cassino Cross,

    I await your reply

    Best wishes


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    Hello there Odcecki!

    If it possible post some group photos of your grandfather.
    Will be very grateful for that.

    Regards, Valerii

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    Quote by ValeriiGajewski View Post

    Also want to ask you, may be is it also possible to provide some group photos of your grandfather?

    Regards, Valerii
    This is the only photo I have of my grandfather during the war. I have no action photos or group photos, this is the only photo I have but I wish I could find more. My knowledge of his history is very thin.

    Polish ring 1940

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    I have to ask my cousin to look at the back of the medal because I do not posess it myself. But I do have the Legitymacja card for the cross of merit. It's the only one I have so far but I will ask around in my familyPolish ring 1940

    Thank you again for all the help. I'm still taking it all in and making records for myself, because it is so appreciated!

    Edit: Oh wait! This has some of the other medals too! It says Cross of Monte Cassino no. 9678, does that mean anything?

    In fact, I had no idea that this document lists all the medals and what they are called. I only found this recently, I didn't understand it!

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    Hello Odcecki,

    Many thanks for your Post, you will notice that the Legitymacja for the Monte Cassino Cross has your Surname miss spelt Odecki instead of Odcecki, the Letter from the Ministry of Defence is a usual letter sent to someone who requested their Service History.

    The other page will have your Grandfathers Parents Names Place and Date of his Birth and then Military Service History, the 2nd page starts with Military Service followed by Awards : Polish and British.

    Polish Awards :

    1) Bronze Cross of Merit with Swords

    Polish ring 1940

    2) Army Medal

    Polish ring 1940

    3) Monte Cassino Cross Your Grandfathers Cross will be numbered 9678 on the reverse of the cross

    Polish ring 1940

    British Awards :

    4) 1939-1945 Star

    Polish ring 1940

    5) Italy Star

    Polish ring 1940

    6) 1939-1945 Defence Medal

    Polish ring 1940

    7) 1939-1945 War Medal

    Polish ring 1940

    I sincerely hope that the above clarifies everything for you Odcecki, if not then please send me a private email via the Forum.

    Best wishes


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