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Austrian M75

Article about: I just traded my friend 5 or so modern military patches for this helmet, most all the paint has either peeled off or it had been repainted once before and that is gone. Thanks for looking at

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    Quote by John Robbins View Post
    First post for me - Nice to see all of your helmets, he's my example 76 shell and a 74 liner! Named to an officer.
    Thank you for showin´ the helmet!
    The design with the clamp/bracket/latch to secure the liner is not often seen on these helmets.

    The shell was made by Ulbricht's Witwe, Schwanenstadt in October 1976.
    The liner, (" 10-lober"), in size 56-58 is also nice.

    I cannot decipher the lieutenant's name written in ballpoint pen into the leather of the liner...
    Gamneger (Gemneger ? Gemnerer ? Gemnerek ? Gamnerek ? ...).

    Austrian M75Austrian M75
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    Quote by cammobunker View Post
    U.SCH appears to have made helmet shells for a number of countries-Austria of course, and I believe Norway and Denmark. Also, possibly the Netherlands.
    You´re right !

    Danish Civilförsvaret M48 helmet (Danish M1 helmet version)

    "M1" which nationality ?

    M-58 (M1) Norway

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    Quote by Estonian View Post
    My collection latest addition. "10 lober" +helmet band.

    Attachment 1680982 [ATTACH=CONFIG]
    Regarding your #232 here in the thread:

    The "10 lober" liner is typical for the manufacturer mp / Metaplast, Frankenburg, Upper Austria.
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    My experience here in the forum, as well as in other forums, is that the longer the threads stretch out and expand, the fewer others are interested in them...

    That's why I created a new thread on the topic of a steel helmet in its former use in the Austrian Armed Forces (ÖBH / Österreichisches Bundesheer) and asked a few questions there.

    Maybe one or other colleague among you will take a look there and maybe be able to answer my questions?

    The link to the thread regarding my query:
    Question about an M1 clone of the ÖBH / Austrian Armed Forces

    Many thanks in advance,

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    To compare:

    An "M-75" which could have been carried by an former member of the 1/14th / 1/14 der 1. Panzerkompanie des Panzerbataillons 14 "HESSEN 14" (the 1st Panzer Company of the 14th Panzer Battalion "HESSEN 14") ?

    "Last Ditch" Ausrian Bundesheer "M-75" -Helmet

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    I prefer long threads on the same topics…..

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    Quote by Composite View Post
    I prefer long threads on the same topics…..
    ... then I would also be interested in your opinion in the "long threads" on the relevant topics, as well as on the newly opened topics on "old" topics !° ...

    Your answer doesn't really help us all here, sry., 'bout that...

    I wish you and our other colleagues a nice weekend,

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    I post when I want….i don’t like searching for numerous threads on the same topic…but I can understand how some aren’t happy to spend time looking for such threads. Thank you for your best wishes for the weekend.

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    I can add an Austrian 73 shell
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Austrian M75   Austrian M75  

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    Images of the liner ?

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