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What is Covid-19 like on the other side of the pond?

Article about: We are in full shut down mode as of today. Still going to work but not much else. We are just beginning to surge of cases and deaths. Italy and Spain are struggling. What is life like in the

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    Not sure where that’s coming from...the numbers here in the UK are going up and up and more of my friends have it than ever have before....even at the peak. Most, but not all, folk have been vaccinated but that doesn’t impact the virus which will possibly mutate again this winter. Most folk over here behave just as they did pre-virus.....little/no ventilation, limited hand-washing and at this weekend’s last big Fair of the year there won’t be a mask but plenty of coughing. It’s almost as if nothing has been learned. Thank goodness for medical advances but it hasn’t killed the cause.....it’s still around....everywhere...

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    Sadly, even after vaccination and boosters I got COVID in August and after COVID I got strep throat and then Bronchitis. One morphed into another and I am still not 100%, but then again, I do have some underlying health issues..

    With that said I continue to wear a mask at work and in other places. I feel like I will be better off wearing the mask, and my wife is a teacher and they are also experiencing more COVID cases in the classroom again. It is the variants that the boosters will not protect against that are the issue currently. We could essentially get boosted every 6 months for the current strains and then the virus will find another way to be able to skirt around those boosters and the cycle continues.

    Hoping all on here in whatever part of the globe you live in will remain safe, healthy and virus free..

    Best regards


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